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A history in motion

The SCHEDL Group has already a number of milestones behind it. However, even though the company and the industry have been subject to constant change, some principles that applied in the past still apply today – and these include a focus on the highest quality standards in complete wheel assembly. Of course, there have been many changes, especially in terms of technology. In recent decades, our company has developed into an internationally active organisation that employs around 1,000 professionals in various fields. Today, we are represented in 14 different locations around the world. Our headquarters are located in Neutraubling (Regensburg), and our assembly factories for tyres and wheels are spread all over the world. Join us for a short time travel journey through our company history.

Founded by Hayes Lemmerz in a joint venture with Continental. The first plant is built in Portugal (Palmela); the customer at that time is VW or AutoEuropa. More factories follow throughout Europe.
Another milestone: Hayes Lemmerz System Service supplies Daimler Chrysler AG in Bremen as well as Skoda CZ.
A great success for the company: Hayes Lemmerz System Service now supplies BMW in Munich.
A major change is imminent: Hayes Lemmerz sells its system service area to SCHEDL Group. Albert Schedl and family Preymesser take over the company, which is renamed SCHEDL Group Automotive System Service.
SCHEDL Group supplies the BMW site in Regensburg. In addition, the first location outside Europe is opened: in Shenyang, China. SCHEDL Group supplies BMW-Brilliance Automotive (BBA) there.
From now on, SCHEDL Group supplies the BMW site in Leipzig.
Another important success: SCHEDL Group supplies Mini Oxford and takes over the replacement market handling of BMW (50% of the EM volume worldwide) from Leipzig.
SCHEDL Group now also supplies Rolls Royce from its Regensburg site.
From the new location in Beijing (China), SCHEDL Group now also supplies BBAC (Beijing Benz Automotive).
SCHEDL Group supplies the 918 Spyder Porsche from the plant in Neckarsulm.
SCHEDL Group succeeds in taking over the service handling for the 'BMW Test Centre Aschheim' from the new location in Garching/Hochbrück (Munich). In addition, SCHEDL Group now also supplies the Audi plant in Neckarsulm from the location there.
SCHEDL Group supplies the Skoda plant in Kvasiny from its new location in Kvasiny (Czech Republic).
The plant in Spartanburg (USA) now produces for BMW. SCHEDL Group thus wins a tender on a new continent.
SCHEDL Group supplies Porsche Taycan from the Neckarsulm location.
SCHEDL Group is taken over 100% by family Preymesser This is followed by a new direction with a focus on further growth.
SCHEDL Group supplies all Porsche sports cars in Zuffenhausen from the existing location in Neckarsulm.
SCHEDL was able to win two tenders in Hungary. The two plants in Debrecen and Kecskemét will be rebuilt from scratch and equipped with state-of-the-art processes in order to successfully start series production in 2025.

Global structure

Development of the global structure has been driven forward over the last 30 years. Natural growth leads to a strong structure and close networking among the locations